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Project Coordinator:  Phil Morgan (TRL)
(; +44 1344 770690) 
Deputy Project Coordinator: Matthew Muirhead (TRL)
(; +44 1344 770609) 
 TRL.png TRL has longstanding experience in the measurement and assessment of vehicle and tyre/road noise (both for UK Government and as part of European projects such as SILVIA), noise modelling and mapping (including involvement in the EU project HARMONOISE) and are actively working at the forefront of research into electric vehicles, addressing noise, vehicle safety, pedestrian safety and end-user perception and standard test methods.
 AIT.jpg AIT was or is involved the following projects related to FOREVER: SILENCE, SPENS, SILVIA, eVADER, drivekustik, LARA. These projects were focusing on tyre/road noise, noise performance of low-noise tyres and low noise pavements and specific aspects of the noise emission of electric vehicles.
 IFSTTAR.png IFSTTAR has a long experience in research on emission, propagation of road traffic noise in participating to numerous national, bilateral (Deufrako-P2RN and ODSurf) and EU (SILVIA, HARMONOISE, SILENCE and PERSUADE) projects dealing with tyre-road noise emission, low-noise pavements, predicting models for outdoor sound propagation. IFSTTAR has been also widely involved in the definition and the validation of CNOSSOS method.
 TCD.png TCD is has considerable experience in measuring and modelling environmental noise for use in generating 3D auralisations of the urban environment as part of the Metropolis Project (funded by SFI). Ongoing work conducted with ESB e-cars, the main retailer of electric vehicles in Ireland, has included environmental noise assessments during public test drives of electric vehicles
 UoB.png UoB is one of the UK‘s top universities, with extensive experience of human testing and surveys at the psychology/engineering interface, with particular focus on the needs of vulnerable road user groups. This includes two EU Cost Actions and original research for the UK‘s Department for Transport, Transport for London and various local governments